2018-07-17Selling luxury - how to satisfy luxury clientNew way of selling – empathetic selling for better/exclusive luxury shopping experience

2018-02-05Luxury Selling

Luxury Selling

What is luxury?

Luxury was, is and will always be existing. It may just be defined differently according to times and us, consumers. We consider some products and services less or more luxury depending on our situation. As a child, you may dream about a bicycle or a pet. And when you grow up your dreams become different (a car, a flat, a business on your own, …). In short, we can define luxury as something not or hardly accessible at precise moment of our lifespan.
This blog is meant to help our clients or luxury market actors that may become our clients to better understand their customers. I believe that understanding a client is the key to customer service and to securing customer’s loyalty thus to securing your business.